Welford Observatory - blog post 1

If you've made it this far you know that this site is dedicated to my experiences in amateur astronomy - especially imaging.

My blog will contain details of imaging sessions at Welford Observatory to include details on configuration, settings and trouble-shooting. I've found a lot of good guidance in other blogs over the years that has kept me from getting too discouraged - hopefully others will find the answers they need here too.

It's a great time to be starting this record as the astrophotography world has a new camera concept that is getting a lot of attention - the ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool is a CMOS chipped camera that introduces the ability to take many, very short exposures (thus in some cases doing away with guiding) and get excellent results. As not many have used this method or technology before there's a lot of discussion on basic settings and methodology - I'll try to add what I can of my experience with this camera here.

As it's been unusally clear for the past two nights I've got a lot of data to process and this will no doubt bring out more "lessons learnt" for your review.

...and just to test that I can, I'm inserting this .gif of WOBSCAM monitoring sky conditions the other night - there's a shorting star in there somewhere :-)

OK....back to the processing :-)