Objet d'art Feng Shui - moving the planets

In my post below I discussed sprucing the surroundings in the observatory up a bit with a solar system made of various polished minerals. 

Having finished I was quite pleased with the way they looked on the red shelf and looked forward to getting some more to replace the "stand in" planets (Earth, Saturn and Neptune...Earth and Neptune will probably be sodalite by the way)

However, on glancing up towards the roof last weekend I noticed the planetary symbols I had cut out of wood and fixed the 8 sides of the roof. It dawned on me that I'd been thinking of something interesting to put on the shelf like disk the roof rotates on - and what better under the planetary symbols - than planets! :-) 

It was pitch black in the observatory when I took these tonight so they're quite poor but you get the idea :-)

Venus and Mercury

Mars and Earth (and the Moon)

Mars (again) and Jupiter

Saturn and Uranus

Neptune (a very small sample of sodalite)

bad attempt at a panorama :)

a really really bad attempt at a panorama 

and Mars (again just because I liked this picture :)

..and finally the real star of the observatory....the scopes :-)